How it works

Download the app on you iPhone/iPad or Android smart phone/tablet from:

appstore   playstore

(You can search “Kryptotel” from you device directly)
The app will work for free for 1 week from the first installation.


Your personal number is shown on top (in the example above is 162080).
Insert the number of the other device with the same app installed and press the “Secure Call” button.

The encrypted call will be placed in a few seconds and the green locker  checks and guarantees the encryption:



The encryption used is a military grade RSA 4096 bit and AES 256 bit.

The special audio codec used offers a low bandwidth usage and a very high quality, usually much better of a standard mobile call.

During the call you can put the call in “Hold” and get it back, “Mute” the microphone (to avoid the other part can listen your voice, activate the loud speaker, and activate an audio conference with up other 3 numbers, using the “Add Call” button.