Why use it

  • Telephone companies keep records of telephone call data (calling number and number called) in their archives for over 10 years. Kryptotel doesn’t transit through the operators public telephone switches but uses Internet connection  encrypting the content safely without leaving any trace or the possibility of recording any of the data (the caller or the called). Even with the “Black out calls” the caller id is changed at every call.
  • hacker over a screen with binary code
  • Call tapping for private investigation purposes and for commercial competition / illegal industrial espionage, leads to 5% of the worlds population to be listened to during private conversations.
  • spy
  • Every business man/woman should use  secure communication apps to keep safe his/her own company and activities.
    Unfortunately the industrial secrets are the main target of contractor hackers.
  • The calls to normal phone number are cheaper of common Voip programs like Skype and you can save money specially when you travel.
  • There aren’t roaming costs when you are abroad, the app works everywhere in the world even where other common voip apps are blocked.
  • Every common person concerned about his/her own privacy will feel safer using Kryptotel.